turnagain mud co

logo, brand, website, & photography

Collaborating with the Chief Knitting Officer of Turnagain Mud Company, we created a completely new brand for the Alaskan knit company.
Beginning with the logo design, we took inspiration from Mount Susitna (aka "Sleeping Lady"), an Alaskan treasure, with a circular stamp layout in mind. Next, we chose vibrant "unicorn" colors to match the bright colorful wools used in all their handmade knits. The rustic script typography paired with a classic serif match the business's handcrafted ethic and craftiness.
For the website, TMCo. chose to use SquareSpace for their excellent commerce functionality yet wanted the site to feel one-of-a-kind- not just content and pics thrown into a template. IZ snapped all the product pictures in a makeshift studio and has gone out shooting on several other occassions to capture hats and FishyBands out in the Alaskan wilderness. We've developed a close relationship with Turnagain Mud Co and proudly sport their knit hats and huge fur pom poms all winter long.